hardworking circuit #1.4 A switched-on projector 勤力電路#1.4 - 開著了的投影機 [work-in-progress] (2018)

Stop watch
This is the position where you should be able to access the on/off button
A closer look CCTV monitor. There are 4 channels of unknown video clips that show the live feed of some camera image capture along the circuit
Then here's start the relay sequence
a closer look on the circular relay sequence on floor, there's a motor inside
on the wall side, here's a series of synchrozing motors. Each motors has a acylic strip attached on the rotation axis that swing like a clock ?
the relay sequence circuit continue along the wall. Here's the 2nd part of the wall.
A camera is pointing to a toy fish on floor. While the pink toy fish occasinally flip its tail
towards the end of this wall (right hand side), A sheep sound noise maker toy is rotated by a motor.
the relay circuit continues......
when the electricity trigger reach the kitchen, it turns on a tripple (or double?) pendulum that drived by a almost-malfunctioned stepper motor. Another camera is pointing to this pendulum as well.
it comes back to the room. A camera is pointing to the relays
how the relays push forward ... almost to the end
another angle
Tally Counter , it is indeed drived by a string that attached to a solenoid. +1 when the electricital reach to the end of the circuit. Yes. That's the end point triggering #1.
Close up on the flip clock that hacked by a stepper motor. I pasted a flipping animation sequence on the clock. (60 frames [#00-#59]). This is trying to show how the electricity flow.
Last ending triggering (#3): I hacked a spinning Gym toy. When it is triggered, it is like you press the yellow button on that toy.