Random Seeding Generator 隨種生成器

A Caption

Random number generator based on a video capture of double pendulum system driven by a motor in its threshold

software thing


A "random" enough physical random seed?

Double Pendulum Chaos theory ?>?

The Lava Lamps That Help Keep The Internet Secure

Flow chart on the lava lamp random number generator

Article talking about image to number


A random enough synth?

Random Number in game

Information Horizon

Input randomness and Output randomness

Output random might create feeling of failure,

Randomness doesn't mean unlimited possibilities.

to make you make plan,

(output randomness - > risk management , contingency plan

rhythm of randomness

card → dependent probability

dice → independent probability

transform an image to binary chain

base64 whatever black and white , row by row

unbalanced weight of each pixel

assume the top left corner are in a position of larger digit in the binary chain