Sound Design / Engineering

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Balance Breaker

Sound design Wong Chun Hoi

Game developed by Gamestry Lab

2019 || computer game

小鬼 – Ghost

Sound design Wong Chun Hoi

Animation by Morph Workshop: Aplise Lee, Anna Li

2018 || animation

Lost in the fumes 地厚天高


Video by Nora Lam Tze Wing

2017 || featured film / video

靈動之窗 – dancing eye

Sound made by: Wong Chun Hoi ,Hody Law Sin Yan

Animation by Morph Workshop: Aplise Lee, Anna Li

2016 || animation

冬蟬 - 《十年》 | Season of the end - Ten Years

oroginal music & sound design

Directed by Wong Fei-pang 黃飛鵬

2015 || short film / video

《後來怎麼了 》 | And Afterwards

sound design and mixing

Video by Law Sin Yan 羅倩欣

2015 || short film / video

Luna Park

Sound Design

Artwork by Kingsley Ng

2014 || Multi-channel video and sound installation

守宮物語 – My Hidden Watcher

Sound Designer

Animation by Morph Workshop

2014 || animation

《飲食法西斯》 Food Facist


導演:葉文希 Director: Yip Man-hay
澳門 香港 Macau Hong Kong / 2012
2014 || short film / video

In Berty We Trust!

Sound Designer & Technical Supoort

Concept and Visual: Angela Su || Animator: Flyingpig Wong

2013 || 3-channel video installation


Original music and sound design

Animation by Joe Kwun, Treehouse Studio

2013 || animation


sound design and Mixing

導演Director : 崔允信Vincent Chui
澳門 香港 Macau Hong Kong / 2012
2012 || featured film / video

Before Friday《星期四》


Directed by Cheng Tak-yan Enoch
/ Hong Kong / Col / 30′ / In Cantonese with English subtitles
2012 || short film / video

1st February

Sound design and Music

Directed and Animated by FlyingPig Wong Wing Shan

2012 || animation