February 05, 2013, 10:27pm male

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Wong Chun Hoi February 05, 2013, 10:27pm male

6:00pm , Yue Wan Estate, Chai Wan, workdays.

Birds are super excited and crazy. I can’t imagine if they are sparrows. That will make more sense if they are living in a big cage all together. The banyan implanted in the middle of the public square in the public estate.

City skyline

Winds in leaf

Public estate Atmos

Medium busy traffic

Park Ambience

Old men talking and gambling


Metal pole, heavy, long, thick,  DROP

With Resonance, reverb by the 7-floor walled design estate, pre-delay time is quite long.



birds tweet are cut off, definitely no fading encoded by me.

One small bird first said he/she is hungry. And all the birds become crazy again.


But I have never seen them once. Going back to office on time or leave the office as soon as possible.


Turkish-blue submarine and 5/F spaceship.


50Hz analog sub-bass low hum

24 hours a day

6 days a week

dizzy harmonics

a cell in Eastern State Penitentiary on Sundays


I was called hoi-chan by some tomodati and we become nakama.

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